Sandwich / Baguette machine

Steven BV’s fully automatic sandwich/baguette machine makes it possible to efficiently and reliably prepare sandwiches/baguettes. The machine spreads, doses, fills and cuts the sandwiches and baguettes in a quick process which means they are ready for fresh consumption in a short period of time.

Through the integrated pocket load delivery, this system ensures minimal spillage and optimal hygiene. The sandwich/baguette line consists of different modular pieces. This means that it is possible to choose where in the line each process is executed. The complete line can therefore also be customized to your specifications. For example: extra dosing units or dispensers can be added to the process or modules can be left out to make room for manual processing.

Not only can these modules be incorporated into the line system, the modules can also be sold as stand alone solutions. Steven BV provides the following stand alone solutions:

  • Denesters
  • Dosing units
  • Automatic lunch meats and cheese dispenser (incl. slicing system for the meats and cheese)
  • Cutting-units
  • Inlay-unit in flowpack
  • Weighing systems (with automatic emission)
  • Metal detection systems (with automatic emission)
  • Transport-units

Technical specifications

Applications: Sandwiches and baguettes
Amount of track: 1 or 2
Capacity: approx. 2.400 sandwiches or baguettes